First time

Do you want to start your hot yoga journey? We will guide you step by step.

Feeling strong?

Which class should you choose?

We have 3 types of classes at Hot Yoga Brixton:

  • STRONG – our hottest class with 39°C temperature and at least 40% humidity – ideal to build overall strength and stamina. The sequence of poses is always the same so it is easy to follow for beginners.
  • FLOW – POWER and LIGHT FLOW – based on vinyasa yoga these are a great mix of stretching, strengthening and balance work. Depending on your confidence you can go light or power!
  • INNER – our slowest class aimed at stretching – ideal for winding down at the end of the day or weekend.

You can learn more here:

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First membership

Which membership should you choose? Do we do trial classes?

We don’t do trial classes because we believe that practising hot yoga is a journey. We have a First Membership which is discounted by 50% for your first month of unlimited hot yoga classes. This allows you to try all our classes and establish a routine. You can let this membership roll and renew at the full price next month or you can cancel anytime – no appendixes, small print or any notice period!

You can get your membership here:

Our memberships

Ready steady glow

Book a class and prepare yourself for it

You are almost there! Now that you have a membership and know our classes, book yourself into one and remember to:

  • wear comfortable clothes
  • have two towels with you – one to put on your yoga mat and one for the shower
  • drink a lot of water before and after the class
  • arrive early to give yourself 10 minutes in the studio before the class start so your body temperature equalises with the room temperature (we practise in up to 39°C and 40%+ humidity)
  • we provide yoga mats, blocks and straps but you can either bring or buy your own in our studio

Book your class here:

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Full on glow

Discover your membership perks

Now that you are a member make sure that you get the most out of your membership:

  • bring one guest to the class every month for FREE
  • refer friends and get £10 store credit for every friend who takes 10 or more classes in our studio
  • pre-order products from our on-site store when booking classes so we have them ready for you when you arrive
  • book classes and manage your membership through our mobile apps:

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