Frequently asked questions

We are committed to supporting you in maintaining, improving and developing your health and wellbeing. Our staff and teachers are all highly trained and have a full understanding of the facilities we offer and what practice at Hot Yoga Brixton will provide for you.

On this page we answer questions that we are commonly asked. If you have any queries that are not covered here, please ask the teacher before or after class or email us.

Lockdowns, Opening & Membership FAQs

Why I haven't got any emails or updates from you?

There may be a several reasons for that:

  • you are not opted in to receive news from us. Come and have a chat with us and we start sending material your way!
  • you have opted out of receiving news from us. Due to privacy law (GDPR) we will not be able to opt you in again. If you want to receive news from us you will need to provide us with another email address.
  • our messages went to your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ mail. To prevent it from happening add to your contacts and whitelist our email address

I cancelled my membership but I changed my mind. Can you reinstate my membership?

Unfortunately, we are not able to reinstate cancelled memberships. We know it may be disappointing but for the integrity of our terms and conditions and fairness to other members we will not be able to make any exceptions. All available membership options are advertised on our website.

I used to be a member before September 2020. How do I restart my membership?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restart these memberships anymore. We introduced a 30 days grace period in September 2020 when our studio reopened. During this time all members could restart their existing memberships.

If we couldn’t get hold of you we had cancelled your rolling membership so you don’t accrue debt. All packages restarted automatically then.

We know it may be disappointing but for the integrity of our terms and conditions and fairness to other members we will not be able to make any exceptions. All available membership options are advertised on our website.

Covid-19 FAQs

Is it safe to practice in a hot yoga studio?

According to the World Health Organisation, Covid-19, like other coronaviruses (such as SARS), inactivates in high temperature environment of 56°C and higher. It is spread (a) directly by transmission of contaminated droplets exhaled on coughing, sneezing, breathing, talking directly to another’s mouth, nose or eyes, (b) indirectly by touching mouth, nose or eyes after contact with a contaminated surface and (c) by “airborne transmission” – the ingestion of aerosols (tiny contaminated particles).

The objective is to eradicate or reduce the risk of infection by minimising the viral presence within the premises. 

At Hot Yoga Brixton, we believe that our heating, humidity, ventilation and air purification systems, reinforced by the other measures set out below, provides one of the safer environments in which to exercise and practise yoga. In a little more detail:

  • Every ten minutes, there is complete circulation of studio air through the heater at 80° inactivating or reducing infectivity of most of the airborne viruses, including Covid-19 (source WHO), before re-entering the room at 50° degrees to provide ambient heated temperature of up to 42°.
  • Outside fresh air is automatically brought directly into the heater which is manually boosted by turning up the vents (the heat exchanger) bringing additional outside fresh air into the room which then passes through the heater before re-entering the room.
  • Separately and in addition and when heater is off, air circulates through the new Air Purifier and Virus Irradiation Unit every 10 minutes which kills 99.99% of all airborne viruses, including Covid-19.
  • High humidity (HYB at up to 50%) inhibits spread generally and specifically by carrying virus downwards.

Is the virus passed by sweat or other bodily fluids?

There is no scientific evidence that Covid-19 is passed by sweat or other bodily fluids.

What steps has HYB taken to reduce risk of spread?

NB: This is subject to continual review


  • Premises ventilation will be left on during opening hours and to purge air afterwards
  • Reception and changing room air-conditioners will be left on during opening hours and to purge
  • Reception and garden doors will be left open whenever possible and practicable
  • Studio heater will be used to maximise viral eradication and importing outside fresh air
  • Heat exchanger will be used to maximise outside fresh air replacement
  • New Purifier and Virus Irradiation Unit will be left on 24/7

Class schedule and restricted access

  • Class sizes limited

Attendance and pre-booking

  • Pre-booking encouraged to secure a space and promote controlled access
  • Drops-ins will be permitted, subject to space
  • No late entries 10 minutes after class start

Social distancing, face masks and hand-sanitisation and washing

  • On entry staff, teachers and members will be asked to hand-sanitise at reception desk
  • Social distancing will be observed where possible
  • Face masks will be recommended at all times by staff, teachers and members within the premises except when in studio on mat or in showers

Deep- and wipe-cleaning

  • Overnight, the entire premises will be deep-cleaned using proprietary cleansing products
  • During class, all appropriate surfaces and touch-points outside of studio will be wipe-cleaned – including shelves, lockers, doorknobs, toilet flushes, balustrades, hand-rails, basin surrounds and taps, corridor and chillout floors
  • Between classes, floor and studio mats will be cleansed with virocidal spray and hung up

Mats and towels

  • Members are encouraged to bring own mats, towels and props 
  • Studio mats will be cleaned between and after last class and hung up to dry, by masked and gloved staff
  • Studio hired towels will be put in baskets by member and removed after class by masked and gloved staff
  • All mats (personal and studio) must be covered by towel during class
  • Disinfectant will be available to members to disinfect the props after and before use

Confirmation of symptom-free

  • By entering premises to work or practice, all staff, teachers and members represent and confirm that (a) they have and have had no and are free of Covid-19 symptoms for 14 days (unless recent clear official test certificate produced) and (b) have complied with any relevant quarantine requirements

Coughs, colds, sneezes and flu

  • Members with persistent coughs, sneezes, colds and flu are requested not to attend, staff and teachers will not be permitted to attend

Will there be any changes to teaching?

  • Pranayama and similar breathing exercises will be omitted or abbreviated in fully booked classes
  • No manual adjustments unless intervention necessary to avoid injury or on members request

Will there be temperature testing on entry?

There is little scientific evidence that temperature testing reliably detects covid-19 infection. It is established that people may have symptoms, be infected and spread the virus without temperature – so temperature testing affords no material protection.

At Hot Yoga Brixton, we believe that temperature testing might provide a false sense of security compromising the integrity, validity and credibility of our existing and enhanced health and safety measures by relaxing compliance with those measures – social distancing, mask-wearing and hand-sanitising – which, together with ventilation and other systems, we believe make Hot Yoga  Brixton one of the safer places to practice.

Temperature testing will therefore not be required on entry.

What if Covid-19 is diagnosed after attending the premises?

If Covid-19 diagnosis reported by staff, teacher or member:

  • Staff, teacher or member will not be permitted to return without clear official test certificate, with appropriate suspension of membership in the meantime
  • All staff, teachers and members present at the relevant time will be notified in compliance with government test-and-trace guidelines
  • The premises will be deep-cleaned and fully purged and closed to allow same if necessary

General FAQs

What facilities does the studio have?

The studio opened in December 2014 with high quality and reliable heating and ventilation system designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and are regularly maintained and serviced. The studio has recently been refurbished, its existing heating and systems supplemented by a new Air Purifier and Virus Irradiation Unit to eradicate 99.99% of all airborne viruses.

The reception is on the ground floor with changing rooms with showers, basins and hairdryers. We have lockable lockers, so your kit will be safe and secure. Wifi is available throughout the ground floor. 

The yoga studio is in the lower ground floor, providing a large, spacious area to practice yoga. Immediately outside is a well-stocked garden with lemon tree, flowering jasmine and ferns affording an ideal, relaxed and green outdoor space to prepare for class or chill-out after class.

What is Hot Yoga Brixton?

Hot Yoga Brixton is designed from the founding principle that yoga is open and suitable to all, whatever your age or shape or size or fitness or flexibility. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned practitioner, our classes will challenge and stimulate you, and reward you with enhanced health, fitness and vitality. If you have any special medical condition or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform the teacher before class begins.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are based around our classes. We open 30 minutes before the class and close 30 minutes after the class. You can see our current class times on our Timetable page.

Why the heat?

The studio is heated for all of the classes, which allows you to stretch further safer as well as stimulating circulation and promoting sweat, which is great for your skin and de-toxifying. Classes are heated to varying temperatures, Strong being up to 42°; Flow and Inner up to 35°.

Our heating and humidification system is designed to carefully monitor and maintain the correct temperature, humidity levels and oxygen content, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment in which to practice yoga. Together with the Air Purifier and Virus Irradiation Unit, our systems are designed to provide as safe as possible a place to exercise and practice yoga.

What do I wear?

Wear something which is comfortable and allows you to move freely and is not too loose because you are going to sweat a lot! We recommend shorts or leggings and a sports vest or crop top for women and shorts with or without a t-shirt for men.

What should I bring?

You should bring a mat, two towels (one to put on the mat and one to shower afterwards) and a large bottle of water as well as any props you like to use. But don’t worry – if you forget or prefer, we have them for hire or sale at reception, and props are provided within the studio.

How should I prepare for class?

We recommend not eating for two to three hours before class but to drink plenty of water because you are going to do quite a bit of stretching which is best done on an almost empty stomach but well-hydrated. During class, take regular small sips of water to moisten your mouth and feel comfortable.

Do I need to be fit and flexible to practice?

No – not at all. Hot Yoga Brixton is designed for all, whatever your level of fitness or flexibility. If you are not fit or flexible, this is the perfect place for you to restore and maintain your natural fitness and flexibility! You will be amazed how quickly your flexibility and fitness are improved.

What if I have an injury which might affect my ability to practice?

If you have any special medical condition or injuries, please consult your doctor first and inform the teacher before class begins. We encourage you to be your own teacher, so listen to your body and how you are feeling and what your body is telling you. Yoga rewards persistence and hard work, but it is equally important to rest and recover when you need to.

Is there any yoga etiquette for me to observe?

Always try to arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you can get ready and settled in the studio. Classes will start on time, and latecomers will generally not be admitted as this will disturb others.

On arrival, please remove your shoes and leave them in the shoe rack as we are a shoe-free zone. Indoor flip flops can be worn and left outside of the yoga studio. There are lockers and hooks and pegs for clothes and personal belongings in the changing rooms. Please avoid using heavy scents or colognes or using deodorant sprays in the changing rooms.

Once in the yoga studio, please observe that it is a quiet space, so please do not talk or use your mobile phone. Place your mat at a convenient place on the floor, and put a towel on top of it. During class, feel free to take as many breaks as you feel are necessary – but always remember that the more breaks you take the less benefits you will get!

When class is over, please feel free to continue relaxing and meditating. Remember to leave the yoga studio as quietly as possible so as not to disturb others who are completing their class in their own way.