Cancel your membership

If you wish to cancel your membership please follow the instructions below.

You can end your membership renewal anytime and you will be able to use the remainder of your existing month so please don’t leave your membership cancellation until last minute.

Please bear in mind that our memberships are self-cancellation only memberships. They cannot be cancelled by email. To cancel, please follow the steps below.

To suspend your membership instead please follow our suspension instruction (we take suspensions only via email so please allow up to 72 hours to process as it is a manual process).

How to cancel your membership

Step by step instruction:

  1. Go to your account either on the app or from the website.
  2. Go to the ‘My Memberships’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘End Rolling Membership’ button. You should see a confirmation that your membership renewal is now off. Your membership will not renew but you will be able to use the remainder of your active package.

Video guide

Are you sure you need to go?

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Please remember that your membership offers perks such as:

  • a free mat rental
  • a free guest pass every month
  • a price guarantee – your membership fees will not raise during the contract
  • unlimited hot yoga classes
  • no minimum commitment, cancel anytime contract
  • one free freeze for up to 30 days

Freeze your membership

Freezing your membership is free for the first time. Otherwise the administration fee is £15. You can freeze your membership for up to 30 days without losing the benefits of your existing deal.

Please note that we can’t freeze cancelled memberships. To avoid disappointment please refrain from cancelling your membership if you need to freeze it.

Freeze my membership